Traveling during summer break


Tyla Swanton, Staff Reporter

Watch out! School is almost out for the summer. That means it’s  time to travel places. Everyone is already talking about summer. Summer break is when students talk about where they are going, how long they are staying, and what they are doing at their destination. You get to lay out in the sun, go swimming, play in the lake, and all sorts of fun activities. You can even hang out with your friends if you don’t travel or if your friend don’t go anywhere.

Mady Meerscheidt, 8th grade, She is going to Las Vegas and California. Meerscheidt is going to see Miranda Lambert front row in concert. She is driving wither her cousin and her uncle to Nevada and California. “ I’m very excited for this trip because I’m going to a lot of states I haven’t been to yet with my favorite cousin.”, says Meerscheidt.

Delando Johnson, 8th grade is going to Madison County Florida. He is going to Florida the first week of June. He is driving with his family; his Mom, Dad,and his two sisters. Johnson will be visiting his family and going to the beach while he is Florida. He is going to go snorkeling and have a picnic at the beach. His two younger sisters will be playing in the sand and ocean while they are in Florida. While Johnson is on Florida is going to make home cooked meals. “When we get to Florida we are going to the store to buy a lot of meat,vegetables, and fruit.

Tia Bermudes, 8th grade, is going to Seattle, Washington. While she is in Seattle she will be visiting family she hasn’t seen in a long time. She will also be seeing friends that she hasn’t seen since Kindergarten. She is really excited to go because she hasn’t been to Seattle in a couple of years. Bermudes is going to be traveling all over Seattle and trying new foods at different restaurants. Even though she is nervous about seeing her friends again she is going to have an amazing time. “I am nervous to see my friends again because I don’t know if I will remember what they look like, or if they will remember me”, says Bermudes.

Camryn Wood 8th grade, is going Port Aransas, Texas. She will be going to the beach for four days. Wood’s family will all be there. They are renting a beach house and a golf cart. Wood’s family will have a cookouts and walk along the beach in the morning and evening. Wood will be eating out some nights and go look around at the little shops. Wood is most looking forward to hanging out with family and walking along the beach. “My family and I will be taking 3 cars to Port A and then we will be hanging out and relaxing.”, says Wood.

This summer Dobie students will be traveling all over the United States. Summer break is when Dobie and all other students look forward to at the end  of the year. Many of Dobie students will be going to Steele HIgh School when we get back from our summer break and then start our High School career. During summer break students will be able  to relax before the new school year starts up again. Traveling especially during the summer is something everyone hopes to do that way they can brag to their friends about where they are in the world. Some Dobie students will have the time of their life during the summer hanging out at the beach,seeing family and friends, and trying new things.