The Best Day of Trinity Rocha’s Life


Jurnee Clark

Trinity Rocha

Alaina Smith, Staff Reporter

The best day of Trinity Rocha’s Life is June 4th, 2015, the day her niece was born. Ofelia is her first niece and Rocha said, “I was an aunt. It was pretty exciting.”

Alexis, Trinity’s older sister, was on her way to the movies with her fiance, when her water broke. The couple went to the Methodist hospital where Alexis gave birth to Ofelia. Rocha’s dad was freaking out, and everyone was really excited.

Rocha compares the feeling to the nerve racking moment when you’re on a roller coaster about to go down the hill on the other side. “I was scared because I was becoming an aunt for the first time,“ said Rocha

Rocha was scared a the time because of the responsibility. Alexis was still living at home, so Rocha would have to help take care of the baby. She had never had to watch a baby before Ofelia was born.When she was born, Alexis didn’t really want to take care of her at first, so I got to take care of her and spend some more time with her,” said Rocha

Ofelia, now two years old, has grown to hold even more of Rocha’s heart. “She has a big vocabulary, and she loves to talk and use big words.” said Rocha. The best thing Rocha sees in her is the ways she shows her love. Rocha said, “It’s like she can tell when you are having a bad day. She will just run up and tell you she loves your or give you a little kiss on the cheek.”

  Rocha says that Alexis was really excited and said, “She has a lot of mother like qualities.” She cares a lot about Ofelia’s education, so she plays a lot of educational games with her,” said Rocha.

She now has a niece and a nephew, who is Ofelia’s brother. Rocha said, “They are really mean to each other.” They draw with chalk and play outside together, but Rocha said, “I don’t really get to spend a lot of time with them now.”

“She talks a lot, so it’s fun to talk to her about school, colors, animals and her favorite things,” said Rocha. “She enjoys going to the zoo and seeing the animals,” Rocha said.