The Best Day of Kyle’s Life


Trinity Rocha

Kyle Cannon

Caitlin Zander, Staff Reporter


Most people dream of going to New York, but for Kyle Cannon it wasn’t just a dream it was a reality. When he was asked how he felt when he first got there, he said that it was just crazy how big the city was.When asked how he felt throughout the trip he said, “Really curious to see the people living their lives and having to ride the bus and the subway.”

His family met up with his aunt at the airport, and she showed them the penthouse in which they would be staying in. Later they went up to the top to see the firework show that would be happening that evening.

Throughout the rest of the trip they went to Ellis Island and saw how all the immigrants came and looked at the records. He also went to Times Square and saw all the beautiful theaters and got to admire them. They had also gone to the top of the Statue Of Liberty and Cannon described the view as “A sight you could never get out of your mind.”

They also went to the Empire State Building and he said that as they ascended to the top the pressure from the elevation made his ears pop.

He also met some family he had never met before, including for example he met his great-great-grandma.

When he was asked what his favorite part of the was he said it was when he went with his aunt to work at Google. He got to see the work space and EVERYTHING, and he got ride on a Segway.  “It’s a one time thing you never see.”