PV: Kindness is more than just a word


Tyla Swanton, Staff Reporter

Kindness is something that should just come natural to you. You shouldn’t have to force because it is the right thing to do. If you have to try and force out of you, it probably means your not doing it enough.I always try to have kindness towards someone even if they choose to irritate me. Kindness is empathy, love, caring for someone’s well being. My personal goal is to make sure my friends are cared for and know that I do care for them.

When I hear the word kindness it reminds of someone complimenting one of their peers. When someone is Kind to me it brings this warm fuzzy feeling to my heart. Yesterday someone complimented me and said they liked my outfit. I just thought that was very nice of them because we don’t normally talk to each other in the hallway. One of my friends wrote a letter to me explaining how much she appreciates and enjoys our friendship.

Kindness is something that should be spread across the entire world. It shouldn’t matter what they did to you, matters what you reaction is back to them. If you want to get kindness then you should give kindness towards. Kindness shouldn’t be spread just because it is “Kindness Week”. It should be spread for a lifetime to come.