Are you going to miss the school year?


Trinity Rocha

Neqita Houston

Neqita Houston, Staff Reporter

I am ready but not ready for the school year to end. The reason I’m ready for it to end is because then I won’t have to deal about getting math homework every night or having to do class work anymore and I won’t be able to see most of my friends because most of them are trying to travel over the summer. The reason I’m not ready for the year to end is because I won’t be able to see all of my 8th grade friends because they are going to high school and I’m really going to miss them a lot and because I won’t be able to see most of my friends because most of them are trying to travel over the summer or maybe move to another state or go to another school.

“This year was fun there was a lot of roller coasters with other people and just a lot of drama,” said 7th grader Adrianna McGhee.

This year was one of my best years because I got to meet new people I got to see new people. I really am going to miss this year because I enjoyed the people who came into my life, I’m really going to miss my 4th period because of Neqita, Adrianna, and Jurnee, they always made me happy even when I didn’t want to be bothered they helped me a lot and I thank them for it. People have started drama it’s has been around the school since like the 2nd week of school and it’s now going down because everyone is about to get of school and because no one wants to carry that drama around with them over the summer. “No much how much you think you you hate school, you’ll always miss it when you leave.”

This year was full with drama the second we got at J. Frank Dobie Jr. High school we all felt it coming. This year went by so quickly one minute we are in the first week next week we are almost out of school. “ I really enjoyed this year” said 7th grader Neqita Houston. Every 7th and 8th grader had to deal with relationship problems because they didn’t always end up pretty. We (7th grader and 8th grader) always had time to spend together weather it’s at volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, games or even track meets. Not every teacher was friendly but I needed to keep my cool and get over it because at the end of the day they were there for me they helped me through any and everything i needed help with. I will always try and remember 7th grade it’s one of my roughest years but it was also one of the best years since I’ve been in school.