PV: STAAR testing can be a challenge


Trinity Rocha

Madison Spencer

Madison Spencer, Staff Reporter

I believe the STAAR test should not continue because, they’re kids out there who don’t really understand or focus good. According to the state of Texas “students in grades three through high school are supposed to take these yearly tests.”When I take the STAAR test it gets hard for me to focus or not talk.The STAAR English I and English II assessments have a five-hour time limit. All other STAAR assessments have a four-hour time limit.That can be a really big challenge, especially if you talk a lot.


Taking the test itself can be easy for some kids but the majority of them struggle with the subject. For example what if you are doing really good in class and your grades are good and then when the Staar comes around you get all stressed and completely loose everything you learned. Thats happened to me plenty of times. One day I will learn a lot and then when it’s time to take the test it all vanishes out of my mind.


According to the Texas Assessment management “kids who struggle with a subject can have their parent/guardian help them outside of school.”


I still think the STAAR shouldn’t be a thing that kids have to take, but at the same time it ends up showing what you have learned over that past year. I’ve been taking the staar for over six years now and I still hate the thought of it. Back when I was in fifth grade everytime we had a STAAR test the teacher would bring us snacks and drinks, I miss those days. Now all we get is to take a nap after and trust me i’m not complaining at all.


For kids who are scared to take the test or are new to taking it, it’s not that scary at all. It’s like a normal everyday quiz with more questions and a bit of a challenge. You have plenty of time to take the test so try not to rush and be one if the first ones done, take your time and review every question carefully. Your teacher will remind you every hour on how much time you have. While taking the test if you feel stressed or just need a small break, ask to use the bathroom or get a drink of water. Just remember don’t stress too much and everything you learned will help you. Also you need to study the night before to get your brain ready and penty of sleep.