PV: Is STAAR worth it?


Jocelyn McComic

Anaya Bryant

Anaya Bryant, Staff Reporter

 I think that STAAR is really not that worth it, because sometimes teachers put a lot of pressure on us to pass the STAAR. For me it’s really hard for me to read because I have dyslexia, and it’s hard for me to concentrate and it’s hard for me to read. I don’t like STAAR because it’s quite and everyone gets quiet and I feel pressured on me when I see other people finish. Other people making certain noises I feel really pressured. According to Texas Assessment Management System,But there could be a lot of pressure of you passing of failing.the STAAR or State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, Is up a level and that should not be very fair .

The STAAR shouldn’t  just be a one time thing, that’s one day is the day that you pass or not.  If the STAAR test not on level and kids are failing then what is the whole point of taking the STAAR test. According to Texas Assessment Management System,  Some kids find it hard to just sit in a room for 4 hours taking a test. Sometimes kids have disabilities that are holding them back from passing and having all that pressure on them.  

According to Jeff Wheatcraft  APR 8, 2019 , Use Performance Metrics That Put Students First, Says Top Texas Teacher, he has a son that has dyslexia and he worries about how his son is doing. He thinks that the STAAR needs to be limited and reduce everything. If you did not pass this one test then you get failed for the whole year. Over all we should not have it to a high stakes test. This one time you pass then you pass or you fail you fail.  

According to ,Camille Phillips,APR 8, 2019 Instead Of STAAR,Use Performance Metrics That Put Students First. As a guest she says the reading STAAR test is off of vocabulary and that they are a little bit over the grade level. That there is trust in the test but parents are angry because, there kids take there STAAR test and fail. Some parents think that they are setting the kids up to fail.

A kid that took the STAAR he texted his mom that he failed and asked his mom “am i stupid” even know the teachers said that he was doing well and then he failed the STAAR again and again. Even know they found out the STAAR is above the grade level. The parent got mad because they say that they  are having the kid up to fail.

STAAR should not be scaring some kids, and the STAAR should be at the right level that kids/ teens could pass it. If no then put the passing level really really low.