The staar test is good

Christian Grant

Christian Grant

The   STAAR test is good

Also information is from Texas assessment management system:

We should still use STAAR tests because it trains your brain and it can help you remember all the previous work you. For those who don’t know what a STAAR test is I’ll tell you. A STAAR test is the state’s testing program and its based on state curriculum standards in its main subjects which are reading,writing,math, science, and social studies.

Another thing is that All public school students in texas, grades 3-12 take      STAAR tests.They can also be worked on online and on paper. And they are often given on spring.

Anyways where was I oh yeah I see why people don’t like them.Some said that they are too high grade level and others said it is too much work. Even though STAAR tests are pretty long and hard it should still be used  to help remember previous work you. It can also be useful for preparing for future grades. plus they were designed to measure what students are learning in each grade and whether or not they should go to the next grade. So yeah STAAR test aren’t that bad as people say it is and if you don’t like them i’ll respect that.