The best day of Elizah Hamilton’s life


Jocelyn McComic

Elizah Hamilton

Grace Barco , Staff Reporter

The best day of Elizah Hamilton’s life was her 13th birthday in May when her sister took Elizah and her three friends to Six Flags to celebrate. “I was really happy because I had all my closest friends with me and it was just a really special day,” she said.

Hamilton enjoys riding the roller coasters and going to the water park at Six Flags so she chose to go there to celebrate her 13th birthday. “I love roller coasters and I felt like that’s where I would have the most fun,” she said.

Hamilton rode all of the roller coasters at Six Flags except the Batman. The last time Hamilton rode the Batman she felt unsafe on the ride because of the seat belt so she didn’t want to experience that another time.

Sadly, Hamilton had a bad experience on the ride called, “Fireball.” The ride goes upside down many times and because of that she felt very dizzy afterwards. “It got me scared because I thought I was gonna throw up,” she said.

Hamilton soon felt better and continued to ride roller coasters. Hamilton rode the ride called the, “Iron Rattler.” She thought she had died when she entered a pitch black tunnel. When Hamilton was in that tunnel she was thinking the worst. As soon as Hamilton got out of the tunnel and into the bright light, she found out that she didn’t die. “After I got out of the tunnel I was just surprised of myself that I thought the worst,” she said. Hamilton still laughs about this experience she had on the, “Iron Rattler.”

Finally, Hamilton, her sister, and her three friends made their way to the water park where they all rode water slides together. This was Hamilton’s favorite part of the the day! Hamilton did a lot bonding with her sister and three friends. They all got became very close in their friendship. “Overall it was just a really good day and I’m glad that I was hanging out with those people,” she said.