PV:STAAR needs to go


Kenzie jones, Reporter

I believe that the STAAR should end because a certain test should not say weather we get to go to the next grade. Taking the STAAR makes students even more nervous than taking a regular test in schools because some students have a hard time remaining calm which results into panic attacks, mental breakdowns, and even self harm.

If students fail the STAAR they don’t get to move onto the next grade and they get left behind because they had to get a certain score on the test.That makes students feel like they don’t belong anywhere but in the grade they have to repeat over again. “There are also concerns   that the stakes are too high for both students and the schools themselves, that teachers are obligated to just teach the test, and that standardized test results don’t tell the full story of a child’s potential.” According to the article “Instead of STAAR, Use performance metrics that puts students first, say top Texas teachers” by Kim Johnson on April 8,2019.

If the STAAR is making so many students nervous, why is it only making public school students so nervous.According to the Texas Assessment Management System “ All public school students in Texas,grades 3-12,take STAAR tests.” I feel that is not fair to students who have to take the STAAR that go to public schools.How come students in private schools don’t have to take the STAAR.I think that is saying students who go to public schools can’t be as smart as students who are in private schools.

According to the Texas Assessment Management System “ STAAR test are designed to measure what students are learning in each grade and weather or not they are ready for the next grade” Why should students take the STAAR if they are not ready for the next grade because if they take the STAAR and fail that means you just wasted their time trying to get better at what they are learning and basically told them they can’t move on because they fail.

I feel that the STAAR should be removed from schools because I feel it makes students like they don’t belong in the next grade level if they fail the STAAR.I also believe the STAAR makes students feel like the are being put up to fail and make them in more nervous than they already are.So I believe the STAAR should be gone.