Dobie’s Marvel Party Was a Huge Hit Among Students


Caleb Mouser, Staff Reporter

April was an incredible month for fans of Marvel and it’s ever-expanding web of interlocking movies, AKA the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Captain Marvel still in the spotlight and all that Endgame fetish going around, fans just couldn’t get enough of the MCU! Even then, two major installments to their favorite movie collection and trailers for the new Spider-Man movie, weren’t the only thing that fans received this month, but for students at Dobie Jr. High School, there was also the experience of an awesome Marvel Party!

The event, hosted on the 23rd, by the Library Club and Mrs. Loomis (librarian), was a hit among students! The Marvel Party featured an MCU trivia, a heroic obstacle course, super crafts, cosmic snacks and a photo booth. To create a wry sense of order, all the party-goers were split up among five separate groups, each seated at different stations that offered one of the activities mentioned above.


The obstacle course consisted of trying to fire a toy bow-and-arrow through a ring, and then advancing to a bean bag toss and throwing a Frisbee into a basket. The course ended with you jumping through a hoop, and finally attempting to drop a raisin into a Coke bottle, which almost everyone succeeded in failing at.

To conclude the party, various prizes such as two jumbo-sized Marvel encyclopedia books, a Spider-Man plush and lots of PEZ-dispensers were given out to winners of the trivia, which was the station hosted by Ms. Johnson.

Of course an awesome event like this couldn’t have planned itself. The Marvel Party, which proved to be a huge hit among students, could have never come to be if it wasn’t for the school librarian, Mrs. Loomis and members of the library club, who planned, set-up and hosted the event.

“I like to host a party every year. I usually try to do a theme that appeals to a wide variety of kids and not just to the readers, and this year I chose Marvel, because it seemed like a big deal among many students,” said Mrs. Loomis, who’s just finished her sixth year as Dobie JH’s school librarian.

She started planning for the party back in the Fall. “I get a lot of ideas from pinterest,” claimed Loomis, “Although most of the pins on Marvel were for little kids, so we had to improvise.”

Many students had a very positive experience with the party, too.

“The activities were really fun, I got to meet Star-Lord which was pretty cool,” said Connor Escobedo, 8th, referring to the Star-Lord cosplay outfit (with its own Awesome Mix tape that played it’s own music) worn by Mr. Barbee, who ran the photo booth station. Escobedo says he mostly went for the free food, and because most of his Marvel-infatuated friends also went.

Preston Leggett, 7th, says his favorite part of the event was the photo booth with Star-Lord, too. “Iron Man 2 is my favorite Marvel movie because it was the first one I ever watched.” said Leggett, who also mentioned that he won a poster at the event.

“I didn’t win any prizes, but my friend Nathan Stanley did.” stated Escobedo, referring to his 7th grade friend who won the Marvel trivia and won himself a brand new jumbo-sized Marvel “encyclopedia” book that was released only three weeks before.

“My favorite Marvel movie is probably Captain America: Civil War” said Stanley, when asked about his favorite MCU installation. Escobedo also mentioned that his favorite Marvel movies are the original Spider-Man films with Tobey Maguire, as well as Avengers: Endgame.

In the past years Mrs. Loomis has done many parties. These include parties revolving around themes like Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even the Hunger Games. “I have to get approval of certain questionable items or activities [used during the events] from the Administration,” said Loomis, “I hosted a party for Catching Fire on my first year here, because that’s when the movie came out, and we actually got approval to use real bow-and-arrows and other Archery equipment from P.E. which was pretty cool”

“My favorite part was the photo booth. I was really happy with how it turned out! We had a really cool backdrop and everything!” stated the librarian, “Mr. Barbee was an awesome Star-Lord, too.”

“I’d like to thank all the teachers who helped out. I couldn’t have done it without them.” closed Mrs. Loomis the Librarian, giving thanks to the many teachers, such as Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Bensch, Mrs. Swanson and a few others, who had set aside time on their calendars just to help out with this incredible party.