Jocelyn McComic

Raelyn Jernigan

If you live in Texas you probably know what the STAAR test is. STAAR stands for State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. We take STAAR from 3rd to 12th grade and its a 40-50 plus question test that you get 4 hours to take. STAAR should stay but not be so important as the schools make it out to be. It stresses the students, the schools teach around the STAAR, and it expects you to know more than what you learn at a higher level.


The schools teach the kids around the STAAR test and I don’t think that right and I think it’s ignorant of the schools. It’s damaging the kids academics and its restricting the  kids minds. We have a limited amount of time to remember a certain amount of content and its mind boggling to some kids to learn so much in such a short amount of time.


Students stress so much about the STAAR tests some throw up and believe it or not  some even cry. You could be a straight A student and fail the STAAR and get held back because you stressed and overthought everything.


According to KAST 12 published April 03, 2019 by By Sarah Acosta – Reporter, Jennifer Galvan – Photojournalist. “My stomach hurts. I get agitated. It just hurts. I get frustrated,” Edward said. “There are actually some kids that flunked,” Edward said. “I feel bad for them, because they do try so hard, and yet they flunk.”



The STAAR test expects you to read at a way higher level than you are.

According to Texas Public Radio story published February 22, 2019 by Sara Schleede.  “A fifth-grader would be expected to read at a seventh-grade level, for instance,” Swartz says. “Third grade would be expected to read at a fifth-grade level. This is not what we normally expect from children.” That’s insane if you think about it if you think about that’s a 9 or 10 year old reading at a 12 or 13 year old level that’s a big difference.


The STAAR test is overly exaggerated and if a certain amount of students fail the school get money cut. Cutting the funding for education is happening form test scores and then they schools don’t have the money to get what they need to help the students. Most schools already don’t have the money to help all the programs.