The best day of Grace Barco’s life


Jocelyn McComic

Grace Barco

Elizah Hamilton, Staff Reporter

The best day of Grace Barco’s life was her twelfth birthday in Elsa, Texas. It was September 22, 2016.

The day had started sadly, as she had gone to her father’s funeral. He was getting shipped off to go get cremated. “It was kinda my last goodbye,” says Barco.

She went to her grandmother’s house afterwards, so her family could eat lunch and socialize. She was having a good time, and she enjoyed seeing her family. “I hadn’t seen most of them in a while, so it was very nice to see them,” Barco explains.

Suddenly, her uncle brought out her cake, and everyone surprised  her. “When they brought out the cake, I was so happy… I was just shocked. I didn’t expect them to do that for me,” says Barco.

After they sang happy birthday, she was told to take a bite. As she did, her brother came and smashed her head in the cake. “Everyone was laughing and taking pictures,” says Barco, still laughing.

After the surprise party, her mom took her to the mall to spend her money. “That was the worst regret of my life, says Barco. “I spent over $200.” She spent her money on stuffed animals, candy, jewelry and a remote controlled car. “That remote controlled car was so much money, I don’t know why my mom didn’t stop me.” Barco still laughs to this day about it.

Barco’s favorite part of the day was getting to see her family. She hadn’t seen them in a while, so I’m sure it was a good time for her.

Barco chose this as the best day of her life because of the way it flipped around. “It gave me really positive vibes,” explains Barco. It made her day the best one ever.