peoples’ plans for summer

Peoples’ plans for summer  

   By: Christian Grant

There are people who have many plans for summer while other people that only have like one or two plans for summer.There are lots of things you can do for summer. fun fact: the most common goal is to get fit and healthy. Lets see some plans from the students and teachers of Dobie jr high.

“My plan is moving to wisconsin Because my sister is graduating high school there.” Liberty Ottman said.

“My plan is to go to Mexico and go to a youth camp. I’m going to Mexico mainly because its a missionary trip.” said Caleb Mouser.

“My amazing plan for summer is sitting on my couch and play video games Because I got nothing better to do for summer break.” said Conner Escobedo said.

“My plan for summer is playing basketball and video games The reason                                    is because I can.” Logan Ferguson said.

“My plan for summer is to go new york and my family and have fun” Brianna Brooks said.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Welp we did the students of Dobie now we will do the teachers to see what there plans are.

“My plan for summer break is to spend time with my family and relax.” said Ms. Marchise.

“My plan is to enjoy not being with kids and go to places because with kids and go to places because kids are crazy” Ms. Harpor said.

“I plan on trying to relax and chill in my house because Im really really tired of students” Ms. Ledwik

“My plan for summer is to be organized. Once Im done I will relax and spend time with my family” Ms. Stacy

“I’m going to Mexico for summer and yeah that’s basically it.” Ms. Hadas

Well there you have it, summer goals from students and teachers. So yeah hope you have a great day and have fun doing your goals summer bye.