PV: Is the STAAR necessary?


Aaliyah Simmons

Aaron Garcia

Aaron Garcia, Staff Reporter

The “STAAR” is not important because it’s just another long test. The only difference is that people take it as “the only way to move up a grade.”  It’s basically just another long test that Texas made mandatory to pass. We already have finals, mid-terms, etc. Why do we need another to make it to the next grade when we already done the mid-term, unit tests, and soon to come the finals. The STAAR is just more unnecessary work.

According to “Texas Assessment Management System” the STAAR is to determine whether or not your ready for the next  grade even though throughout the entire 180 day school year you do unit tests, quizzes, and school work. What’s the point of doing all that work when one test can determine whether or not you go to the next grade.

Parents and even teachers are complaining about how the STAAR only puts stress and anxiety into their students/children’s life. One of Texas’s “top teachers” said that “the STAAR just made it harder and more stressing for my dyslexic child.” Nobody needs stress in their lives. STAAR isn’t necessary also because of all the other things we do throughout the year to prove we are worthy of making it to the next grade, and because it just adds more stress into children’s lives.