PV: STAAR should be discontinued


Aaliyah Simmons

Sakina Burhani

Sakina Burhani, Staff reporter

STAAR can be a stressful test for some kids and there are many mixed feelings about it and how it should not be taken anymore.STAAR is not very helpful towards learning,it basically just sees how much you know and it makes kids feel overwhelmed.

As reported by the “Texas Assessment Management System” STAAR, also known as the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness  is a test that all public schools in texas grades 3-12 take. It includes reading,math,writing,social studies, and science.The goal is to make sure all the students are ready for the next grade and are successful.

According “TPR” or Texas Public Radio, “students who are otherwise successful in the classroom are failing the exams.Families, teachers and teacher groups  are concerned that spending the entire school year on preparing for the STAAR takes away from other learning opportunities.”

Students are stressing a lot about the STAAR and aren’t getting time to learn new thing because the main focus is the things that would most likely show up on the test. Me being a kid who  takes the test I also feel like most of the time we are in school all we are doing is getting ready for STAAR.The teachers constantly repeat that we need to get ready for this because it is very important to pass.

Regular tests taken in class over the units students are studying generally should not be discontinued for a subject but STAAR itself should, knowing that it takes most of your school year and puts a lot of stress on students getting ready to take it and having to pass to avoid summer school or being held back.