PV: Should STAAR Testing Stay


Reagan Pena, Staff Reporter

What is the point of the STAAR, teachers and students hate the STAAR, why is it important know one knows.Teachers can lose their jobs if they don’t teach correctly. It’s very stressful on teachers and students.

Mimi Swartz is an executive editor of Texas monthly, and wrote an article for a magazine this week questioning the assumptions that the STAAR test is a suitable way to evaluate students academic proficiency.

The STAAR takes everyones time away, and everyone is stressed out because of this test. You have to pass this test to go to the next grade, why would they make a test based on grades above their own grade?

I agree what Mimi Swartz that the test is way too hard for students Swartz said “that the test was to hard, with the material that is almost two years ahead of students expected reading level”.

The tests before the STAAR were called the TASKS students said that was too easy, but with the STAAR it was too hard for students. They need to make a test that is in the middle, and a test that helps us.     

When I took the STAAR I was stressing out so much because you have to pass the test to get to the next grade. I was scared for my life because I know that it was going to be hard. I’m in 8th grade and we have the STAAR and finals. That is too much to stress about at the end of the year.