Best day of Ryan Maurer’s life

Arianna Reuss, Student life editor

The best day of Ryan Maurer’s life was when him and his family went camping for his father’s birthday. It was January second when Maurer’s dad, Sam, gathered him, his step mom Laura, his step sister Karri, and his sister Kristen to deliver the great news, which was a camping trip. Maurer’s dad had been planning it for months before he told his family about it. They went the fourth through the sixth of January.

The drive there was four hours. It was three o’clock when they arrived. One side of the campsite, had green grass and trees full of leaves, and the other side was burned down because of a previous forest fire. They all unloaded their camping stuff from their truck, set up a big tent in which they would all be staying in, and put everything inside it, then his dad cooked steak on the fire place they had made by outlining a space with rocks. After they finished the delicious steak, they all went to bed. “ We all wore jackets the whole time, especially at night because it got really cold and windy,” said Ryan Maurer.

The second day of camping, Maurer and his family woke up, ate breakfast, which was soup and eggs his step mom had made for them, “ My stepmom is the greatest cook I know,” said Ryan Maurer. Maurer got ready and they all went sightseeing. Maurer said that his favorite sight was the smooth grassy hill where there were grazing cattle and sheep. After a couple hours, they went back to the campsite and went to bed.

On the third day, it was time to leave the campsite. Maurer and his family ate in the morning before leaving to go home, gathered all their things, and left. Maurer was sad when he left, but enjoyed his time with his family, which is why this was the best day of his life. “ This trip was a great bonding trip with my family, and I will always remember it.” said Ryan Maurer.