Siara’s best day of her life


Ava Normandin

Siara Romero

Maya Gutierrez, Staff Reporter

The best day of someone’s life should be a day full of memories. A day where if that didn’t happen your life would be so much different

Siara Romero’s best day of her life was when her little brother Jayden was born. “It’s crazy because I always wanted a little sibling, I just didn’t expect to have a sibling that soon,” said Romero, 8th grader. When her mom was pregnant she didn’t really know what was going on.

Her brother is one of her closest family members and she loves him more than anything.  “Not gonna lie my brother is probably the best thing that has happened. My brother is like my best friend, I talk to him about everything and anything. Even though he is only 10, we talk like we are the same age,” said Romero.

She was too young to understand everything going on, so when it all happened she was in shock.  “The day it all happened it came so fast. I remember we were living in a apartment and everything came fast,” said Romero. One second she was at home then she was at the hospital. She wasn’t in the room with them but when she walked back in her mom was lying on the bed with a baby in her hand.

After heading to the hospital for her mom’s labor. Everything was successful, so they headed home. “I remember when we brought him back home, I got no sleep because he kept crying,”said Romero. she didn’t get along very well with her brother for awhile then the past years Romero and her brother have bonded and got much closer. And now she’s very glad she has a little brother. He’s 10 years old now. “Now that he’s a lot more mature, I can talk to him and not get annoyed. I can understand him and he understands me. We are pretty close.”