Students have mixed emotions about summer break

Students have mixed emotions about summer break

Lauren McClellan, Staff Reporter

Summer is approaching fast and students have mixed feelings about this school year coming to a close. During the school year you’re more likely to get to see your friends and be social. You also have work to do so you won’t feel lazy and unproductive. During the summer this goes away, but summer is a great chance to relax and distress. Whether it’s playing outdoors or catching up on that new season of your favorite TV show, there’s time for it in summer.

Emma Britt, 8th grader, is very excited for summer to start and not worry about school for a couple months.  She is going to San Francisco with her dad. In a plan to beat the heat, she said, “I need to start drinking water but I’ll definitely be drinking lots of Gatorade.”

Quiera Walker, 8th grader, isn’t very enthused about the coming summer. “I see my friends at school mostly, and most of my friends are moving this summer. I won’t get to see them after this year,” she said. She plans to spend the first part of summer trying to see her friends a little bit before they leave.

There are many things to enjoy about summer such as going to the pool or the beach, outdoor picnics, and frozen treats. However, these all come with some dangers and it’s very important to know how to prevent them. Hanging in the sun for so long can cause sunburns which can lead to other long-term health issues.  

According to Seattle Children’s, to stop this apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside and reapply every 2 hours. Insect bites can transfer disease so it’s important to apply bug spray when outdoors. It’s also crucial that you drink lots of water to keep you hydrated and energized.

No matter how you feel about summer it is coming soon. Make the most of your summer by spending time with friends and family. It is a very great opportunity to have 2 months off of school and a break from all of the stress included. Be sure to be safe and most importantly have fun.