PV: The STAAR test is needed, but should be changed


Ava Normandin

Jayden Dabney

Jayden Dabney, Staff reporter

The STAAR test the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness  is an interesting topic that a lot of people have a opinion on According to the Texas  Assessment Management System, “STAAR tests are designed  to measure what students are learning in each grade and whether or not they are ready for the next grade. The goal is to ensure that all students receive what they need to be academically successful.”

The STAAR test should continue because it really is a great tool to see if we have learned the basic necessities we need to learn to pass a grade. However, it should be changed so that it doesn’t stress everyone out so much.

So the STAAR test is trying to benefit us because you might not maybe know everything you were supposed to learn in that grade so the STAAR test is a great resource to see if did know the curriculum or if you didn’t.  According to the KSTX Morning Edition, the top Texas teacher says “Instead of STAAR use performance metrics that put students first.”

I think this could work but the STAAR test is more of a better tool because the state gives it so everybody takes the same difficulty of test if schools did it they could make the test easier or harder. I think the STAAR test could use tweaking but I don’t think it should be taken away because it’s a good material to see if everyone in the state is academically ready to go to the next grade.

To make the STAAR less stressful on students make it more relaxing. Don’t put so much emphasis on the STAAR; just make it seem like a normal test. Even teachers should relax some of the rules because a lot of them are just plain stupid. Also make students maybe in a more comfortable environment and teachers they should feel the STAAR test is a normal test because every time before and after I take the test teachers say they are really stressed about the STAAR because if they mess u, they could lose their  teaching license.

Overall, the STAAR test is a really great resource to see if you have learned most of what you need to know for that grade and to see if your ready for the next one. The STAAR test should be corrected and edited, but it should still be used and taken by children.