Having fun in the summer sun

Having fun in the summer sun

Chelsea Goralewicz, Staff reporter

Summer vacation is a few months that students get to relax and enjoy themselves. You could try new things, create new memories, and have new experiences over a short time of three months.

Lauren Russell plans to do all of those things and more. “My summer will be filled with fun adventures with family and friends,” said Russell, 8th grader. Like many other students, she also has many high hopes and goals for this summer. She plans to practice gymnastics skills like getting her back tuck down. “Cheer is a big part of my life, and I hope to better myself and my team by practicing over the summer,” said Russell.

It is common for students attending middle school to deal with lots of stress and anxiety, and it gets harder when that becomes a daily thing. Summer is a break from all that stress, and lets you have fun and get ready for the next school year. “I am looking forward to getting a break from all the challenges that school has to offer, and just relaxing,” said Russell. Many students are also going on family vacations, or road trips. This is a common thing to do with family and friends to make new memories that will last forever and it helps form better relationships with family and friends. “I’m very excited for the trip that my family and a few friends are taking to Disney World, in Florida,” said Samaya White Lighting, 8th grader.

Summer is many things to many people, and it is held up to higher expectations every year. Many students are looking forward to sleeping in, going swimming, and having fun. Everyone has different goals for summer and things they hope to accomplish, but they all hope to live it up and to have a good time while it last. “I hope my summer will be filled with fun memories at the pool with family and friends,” said Russell.