Dobie students look back at memories

The school year of 2018-2019 has definitely been a fun ride for everyone. Lots of memories that we will take with us for the rest of our lives. At Dobie Junior High, students go to school for 180 days, which is a total of 1,260 hours. For seven hours each school day, students sit in a classroom and learn. But while they learn, they make memories, good and bad.

“Whenever I’m sad or mad, my friends in Spanish class know how to make me laugh and put me into a better mood,” said Siara Romero, 8th grader. Her favorite memories take place in Mrs. Luna’s 3rd period Spanish class.

Memories are not always made in classrooms. You can also make good memories at after school activities such as sporting events and clubs. “ I enjoyed going to volleyball games,” said Victoria Gonzalez. She had multiple friends on the team and would go to all the home games to watch and support. “ It was very exciting to see my friends do good the whole season,” said Gonzalez.

With good memories, also comes bad and embarrassing ones. Siara Romero says that her most embarrassing moment happened in her ELA class when she accidentally spilled water on herself. “Everyone thought I peed myself,” she said. Chelsea Goralewicz says that her most embarrassing moment happened when she fell down the stairs in front of a lot of people. “Everyone stared and laughed,” she said.

This school year overall was a whirlwind of emotions. Lots of eventful things happened that students will remember forever.