Dobie construction comes to an end

Abigail Maynor, Staff reporter

Since March 2015 , Dobie has been under construction. The construction has caused many issues with parent drop off in the mornings and parent pick up after school. But when the construction is over with, it will be less hectic.

The whole point for construction was to make Dobie bigger, (more classrooms,etc.) , so when it’s finished, hopefully the hallways won’t be as crowded as they are now. Since August 2015, new classrooms and additions to locker rooms have been added. “I’m excited for the construction to end so that I can see the finished product,” said Heather McCreary.

Many people are excited for the construction in both negative and positive ways.“I  want the construction to end because I’m tired of hearing drilling and hammering all day,” said Coach Harper.The construction is estimated to be finished around December , so only a few months more of loud noise.

“If I could change anything about Dobie, I would make it smaller so I wouldn’t have to walk around the whole school to go to class to class,” said McCreary. In previous schools , like elementary and intermediate , they were smaller and easier to get to class, now we have a huge two story school with many teachers, coaches and classes.

 “If I could change anything about Dobie, I would make the athletic locker rooms bigger for more room for the athletes,” said Coach Harper.“I want Dobie to be finished with construction because students have to go outside of the building to go to the nurse’s office, (etc.), and it’s also a safety issue for students,” said a parent of a student.

 Right now the nurses office is in the same portable as main office,  and there are approximately 10 portable classrooms outside. When the construction is done, most of the portable classrooms will  eventually be inside of the school building. 

Many students, parents, and teachers are waiting for what the finished product of Dobie will look like. Some interviewed students thinks that the new Dobie will be bigger and more developed, which hopefully it will.