A Look Back: 8th Grade


Colin Howard , Staff Reporter

Eighth grade has been an important year to many. Some hated it. Some loved it. However you feel about it, you can’t deny it was special. It’s your last stop until high school. You’re almost an adult, so how was your final year of being a kid?

“Very stressful” said Michael Zuazua when asked on how to describe his 8th grade year. Students still enjoyed the year though. In fact some students said this was their favorite year. “So far this has been the best school year,” said Emma Britt. Zuazua agreed: “I made a lot of friends this year or at least more than 7th grade.”

But why did students like 8th grade more than other years? “Overall there was just a lot less drama than last year,” said Britt. ZuaZua said his “teachers were lit.”  Despite the many positives, there were some negatives. “Trying to keep my grades up was difficult,” said ZuaZua

“It was way better than 7th grade,” said ZuaZua. “I made new friends,” said Britt. It was a great journey through out our middle school years. There were some very memorable moments. “UIL was so fun this year,” said Britt with a smile.

8th grade might have been the best year for some and maybe even the worst. 8th grade was a learning experience for everyone.