PV:The STAAR isn’t needed


Ava Normandin

Jasmin Quiroz

Jasmin Quiroz, Staff Reporter

Standardized testing aren’t needed because it makes kids and teens worry so much that they have anxiety attacks and endup not passing the exam. According to NEWS4SA “the House Bill co-authored by Representative Ray Lopez and Rep. Van Deaver would remove requirements for students to pass standardized tests like the STAAR for grade promotion. Social studies and United States history assessments would be eliminated entirely if the bill passes, accelerated learning communities would replace grade placement committees and some state agency responsibilities would be rejiggered instead of standardized testing.”

According to Texas Public Radio “students in grades three through high school are required to take the yearly tests.Passing the test usually promoted the students to the next grade level. There are also concerns that the stakes are too high for both the students and the school themselves, that teachers are to only teach the test, and that standardized test don’t tell the potential of the child’s future.” Standardized testing should not determine if you pass to the next grade level.

Kids shouldn’t take the standardized test cause it worries the students and the teachers. Teachers can lose their jobs if more than half of the class fails. Some students don’t pass to the next grade level. Students get so sick and anxious before and after the test and they get so scared during the test they don’t remember some of the stuff.