Best day of Lauren McClellan’s life


Ava Normandin

Lauren McClellan

Ava Normandin, 7th grade editor

Can you think of a good day? Probably, but can you think of the best day of your life? For Lauren McClellan, 8th grade, it was “When I got to on a cruise with all my family, mom, dad, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin, grandma and grandpa.”

She says that it was a lot of fun. “I had not seen, outside of my immediate family, so it was a really nice experience, after not seeing them for so long,” McClellan said. She really liked the fact that their rooms were connected. They also had  decks so you could connect the decks, and she says that it was really pretty at sunset.

She says that the there was a waterpark on the cruise. “That was a lot of fun,” she said.. She says that they mainly had the regular waterpark attractions, like tall water slides and a splash pad.  She even enjoyed a type of Pina Colada, without alcohol, of course!

Dinners were a big deal.“We went to dinner in a ballroom and they had really good potatoes,” said McClellan. She said that their rooms were connected decks, also, so you could  connect the decks and it was really pretty at sunset.