The best day of Emily Melendrez’s life


Ava Normandin

Emily Melendrez

Madeline Zawicki, Staff reporter

“Everyone was just happy which wasn’t normal,” says Emily Melendrez about that best day of her life. When she was little she went to a park with her whole family, including her bulldog. That day, she learned how to ride a bike for the first time and made unforgettable memories she will take with her for the rest of her life.

It was a bright and sunny afternoon when the Melendrez family made their way down to a local park. “The emotions throughout that day were very pure,” she said. Happiness and joy and even some tears of relief and happiness filled the air.

One very clear memory she remembers is getting her pinky stuck inside the chain of the bike and her sister had to push it out. Her parents didn’t know her finger was broken at the time but when she got home her parents put a popsicle on in and she was crying and watching George Lopez at the same time.

Still, i was a special day for her family because they finally got to spend quality time with each other which wasn’t normal for them because they are always busy with work and school. Her and her family made so many good memories that day and she will always remember the happiness it brought to her.