The best day of Ava Normandin’s life


ava normandin

Lauren McClellan, Staff Reporter

Ava Normandin had been begging her parents for a puppy for a very long time. She wanted a Pomeranian or a Corgi, but did not expect to get one. That was until it actually happened.

Normandin was sitting at the table this past December in her grandparents’ house when a small tongue started to lick her face. She ripped off the blindfold she had been wearing and very pleasantly surprised. In front of her sat a small pomeranian. He was full of energy and ready to play and show love.

The puppy looked like “a brown and white fluff ball,” Normandin said.

Now that the two were introduced, it was time to give this little puppy a name. Normandin looked up names from ancient mythologies and found Odin. Odin from Norse mythology is the God of wisdom, poetry, and various other world defining traits.

“I thought Odin would make the perfect name for a dog full of personality,”  Normandin said.

Odin being a new puppy would require some supplies, but luckily for Normandin and her parents the original owner of Odin had given them enough medicine, food, and toys to last a while. She now switches taking care of him with her mom.

Odin also has a sibling named Lovie who is a Dochcine. The two of them get along good enough, but Odin is a little bit too energetic for Lovie’s liking. Odin loves to play play but Lovie, being a older dog, is not always up for it.

“Odin makes the cutest noises when he’s playing,” Normandin said.

Normandin is ecstatic to have Odin be a part of the family.  He is full of energy and is lucky to have a nice home to love him.