Why is the STAAR test beneficial

Madeline Zawicki, staff reporter

In the state of Texas, every student from third grade all the way to high school is required to take the STAAR test. The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness test is a four hour test that students take every school year to test their knowledge on a subject. A lot of people have their own opinion in whether or not students should take this test or not. In my opinion, we do and don’t need the STAAR test. It is needed because it determines whether or not you know the topic or not and also if you are ready to go to the next grade level, but it is also unnecessary because students take tests throughout the year that prove whether or not they know the topic.


According to TexasMonthly, 71 percent of all students who took the English test in 2016 failed statewide. Texas Assessment Management System says “Passing the test is usually required to advance to the next level, and to graduate”. Since passing the STAAR is necessary it graduate, many students had to take extra classes to make up for failing the test which also lead to people dropping out. The STAAR test leads to a lot of people dropping out because they don’t think that they are capable of doing it. Then, they don’t go to college or get an education and they have no money and can’t get a decent job.

On the other hand, taking the STAAR test decides whether or not you get to move up to the next grade. If someone fails all there tests and does poorly in school and then don’t take the STAAR test then there is a chance that they could still go the the next grade. Then they will go through there whole school years knowing nothing and then when they get to college, they won’t know anything and will have a hard time.

Everyone has their own opinion on the STAAR test and whether or not it is necessary In some ways it is beneficial, but in others it is not.