The Best Day Of Jayden Dabney’s Life

Emma Britt, Staff Reporter

Do you remember your fourth birthday? Well Jayden Dabney does. Jayden’s best day of his life was June 8th 2009 ⸺ his fourth birthday. For most, your birthday is a special and important day all about you…a day you want to remember. “It was the first birthday I can actually remember,” said Jayden Dabney.

His fourth birthday was an awesome first birthday party to remember. He said there was a bouncy house, a pony, and so many people came over. “There were so many people and presents!” Dabney said. How amazing is that? A dream party that every four year old wishes for, and Dabney got to live it!  “I got to do so much for the first time,” said Dabney, 8th grader.

Most people remember birthdays being special when they were young…they would get so excited about putting the decorations up, people arriving, and blowing out the candles, and opening presents! When it’s the first birthday you can remember, it so much more thrilling, getting up in the morning, rushing downstairs,and getting your special birthday breakfast.

It was all SO exhilarating for Dabney. “ I felt so excited and special.” Dabney said  He said he didn’t remember his first three birthdays, so it was almost like his first birthday. “I did so much. It was my first birthday, it was cool,” Dabney said

The best thing about a birthday for many  is often GIFTS! “My favorite gift was a Dora house, I loved it” Dabney said with a smile on his face. “There where so many toys!” Dabney said. He also got a Batman toy,a toy robot,a football, and a basketball!

Gifts, a bouncy house, a pony, and all his family there to celebrate his special day. June 8th 2009 will always be close to Dabneys heart. His fourth birthday, the first birthday he remembers, was truly the best day of his life