Dobie 8th graders prepare for transition to high school

Emma Norman, Staff Reporter

High school is a lot of hard work and will never be easy. High school will make you feel so many emotions like sad, mad, happy, excited, and scared. There are lots of worries about being a freshman, people tend to be more nervous than anything because, of the older high schoolers and not knowing where to go and being made fun of by the older kids.

Kailee Mishler, 8th grader, said, “Im nervous, cause there are so many people and they are all high schoolers and not responsible.” Mishler has some worries about being a freshman such as people saying high school is not always what it seems and other worries that the others are taller and she may get ran over. Mishler says she has a lot to look forward to in high school, she says wrestling, because she gets to be stronger, choir, because she’ll get to use her voice,  and orchestra, because she wants to be on varsity.

Sade Johnson, 8th grader,  says she is somewhat nervous, but since she’ll be going to a bigger school she knows more people.Johnson says she does not have any worries about being a freshman. She has some things she is really looking forward to during high school, she says “being able to have your phones out during lunch and being treated more as a teen then a kid.”

Cheyenne Rath, 8th grader,  said “I’m really nervous because we are going to be freshman and I won’t know where i’m going.” Rath says she worries about people making fun of her, because we are so much younger. Rath is also looking forward to being more free and meeting new people.

A lot of students have mixed emotions and that are looking forward to different things. High school has so many challenges and bumpy roads that you will go through and need someone by your side.