Steele High School, here comes Dobie!


Emma Britt , Staff Reporter

As the end of the year rolls around, eighth graders at Dobie Jr. High  are getting ready for the biggest years of their life. High school. The years of excitement. The “best years of your life,” as most adults say. But are they ready? Many say they are ready to take on this new adventure of high school.

But it will be a challenge. When students leave Dobie school, they are starting back at square one. New Teachers, New schools, New Classes. The nerves are already kicking in for a lot of students. High school will be the beginning of a new era in their lives. “Yeah, I’m nervous. You have to do well in your classes and start your GPA for college,” said Lauren McClellan, 8th grader.  

Colin Howard, 8th grader, said it’s the coming of age that is already hitting him. “Yeah, I’m nervous because it’s high school and childhood is gone,” he said.

The nerves might be major, but so is the excitement. “I’m excited because there is a lot of new things I want to try and be apart of,” said Nick Melendrez, 8th grader.  

The excitement of a new beginning, a new school, new people will be a new experience for all freshmen but some are already dreading it. “No, I’m not excited. I have seen movies and if that is what high school is like, I’m not excited.” says McClellan

It’s all nerve wracking, the excitement, the nervousness, and the entire school is new. “Yeah, I think I’m ready,” says McClellan “Yes, I’m ready,” said Howard.  “Yes [I’m ready],” said Melendrez.

High school signals new experiences and many firsts: new friends to make, new opportunities, new places to go, and more. “I’m looking forward to driving!” said McClellan with a smile on her face.

After this year, eighth graders are no longer kids, they are high schoolers. There will be no more easy ways out, no more quitting when it gets tough. It’s exciting but nerve wracking but students can’t wait! Steele High School… here comes DJH!