PV: The STAAR Test is a Necessity


Ava Normandin

Lauren McClellan

Lauren McClellan, Staff Reporter


The State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, also known as STAAR, has caused a lot of controversy. According to the Texas Assessment Management system, the STAAR test is “the state’s testing program and is based on state curriculum standards in core subjects including reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies.” Some argue that the test is not the best way to measure the academic ability of a student, and should be replaced with something more painless. I disagree with this statement for a multitude of reasons. The STAAR test should continue because it measures a schools performance and teaches children how to perform well in a high stress situation.

The STAAR test can measure a school’s total performance and is a good way to determine if the school is meeting standards. We need to check up on independent districts on a state level to guarantee that all students are getting a good education. http://savetxschools.org says the STAAR removes local control from school districts.” I do not see how this is a problem for it makes sure the school district is doing its job.

The STAAR, if not good for anything else teaches children the very critical skill of performing well in high stress situations. There is a certain pressure put on students when taking assessment that may cause anxiety and stress around the testing date. This pressure is not exclusive to the STAAR. If a student is planning on going to college they will probably end up taking the SAT or ACT. They may have to take an AP test or college entrance exam. All of the listed tests will put pressure on students, and if they have no practice dealing with the stress and anxiety that comes with it, they will be unsuccessful. The STAAR is not nearly as important as the other exams and so it is a great way to practice performing well on such high stakes situations.

The STAAR test may have its flaws but not enough to completely throw it away. There are many reasons that make the exam an effective method. We should keep the STAAR because it can make sure a school is doing well and prepares students to handle the pressure of tests. If we do away with the STAAR completely the value of education students receive will deteriorate.