The Best Day of Amber Berry’s Life


Aaliyah Simmons

Amber Berry

Katlyn Thomas, Staff Reporter

Amber Berry is a 7th grader at J. Frank Dobie Junior High School and the best day of her life was when her parents, sister, two brothers, nieces, nephews, brother and sister in-law, and her went to the city of San Marcos. “I don’t always go out and do stuff all the time so it was a nice feeling to go out with my family,” said Berry. There they spent the day walking around and exploring the city.

Berry says they started the day out by going to Sewell park on the San Marcos River nearby Texas State University. Berry states that they roamed the park and walked along the river. There “We saw adorable baby turtles sunbathing on rocks in the middle of the river. They were so cute,” said Berry. She also says something that really stood out to her was this creepy, abandoned dock that had water running over it.

After the park Berry and her family strolled around the city for awhile. She states that they went into some clothes stores but only her sister and sister in-law bought anything from the stores.

Once they were done walking through town Berry states that they went to an Ice cream parlor named Marble Slab Creamery. Once they got there her parents left the ice cream shop and went out on their own leaving her with sister, two brothers, nieces, nephews, brother and sister in-law. “It was the highlight of my trip. We went into the ice cream parlor and my parents stepped out and went to some other stores so I was left with everyone else. It was so amazing when they made the ice cream right in front of us,” said Berry.

They then completed their trip when they stopped by an outdoor burger joint. “There was this swing set that my nieces and nephews played on, but we didn’t end up eating anything there.” said Berry. Her only complaint about the day was it was scorching hot outside.