The best day of Anthony Montemayor’s life


Aaliyah Simmons

Anthony Montemayor

Sakina Burhani, Staff reporter

Anthony Montemayor’s  best day of his life was when he went on a date with his girlfriend Hailey. “She goes to Wood Middle School,” which is in Judson ISD. Montemayor and his dad went to go pick her up to go on their date for their one month anniversary on April 28.

They went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant called Rosarios. Montemayor ate Shrimp Nachos while his girlfriend had Fideo and his dad had Pozole. They enjoyed their dinner and had good laughs and made loving memories on their date. “I’m so happy to have been dating her for a month and hopefully more to go,” said Motamayor.

After dinner they went to the San Antonio River Walk and walked around hand in hand having a good time. They walked around the River Walk and talked a lot about just everything making one another burst into laughter. ”We talked about random stuff and we had a good time and just walked around downtown,” said Montemayor.

Later they went to Montemayor’s house and had a movie night. They got tons of blankets, pillows, popcorn and other snacks. They snuggled up and watched one movie called “Can’t buy me love” and another named “The Wedding Singer”.

Montemayor had a lovely day with his girlfriend and he enjoyed the time being spent with her very much. “I hope that we will last a long time because I care for her a lot and love spending time with her,” said  Montemayor.