Zharia Spann’s best day ever


Aaliyah Simmons

Zharia Spann

Paul Hodo, Staff Reporter

Lots of people have different definitions for “The Best Day of Their Lives”. It could be the one day that they got engaged, or something way different, for example meeting their best friend, getting their first dog, or getting your first TV. But Zharia Spann’s best day ever was different.


In the summer of 2018, Spann took a visit to see her mom in Italy. Her mother was actually stationed in Italy at the time.

To started off her journey, she went to the airport. “The airports where packed,” Spann said. She got Burger King for the wait. Once her and her sister got on the plan they sat in there seats. So then starts her 13 hour flight. She sat next to here sister annoying her. Since the flight was so long she got free drinks, so she kept ordering apple juice. They ordered lasagna which was extremely cheesy.

After they landed they went with their mom to a nice hotel. “The hotel looked like a Warehouse on the outside and fancy on the inside,” she said. They stayed at the hotel for around two days. During which the walked around after dark to a bunch of store. After the two days her Dad went back to America to work.

Then Spann took a five hour drive to her mom’s apartment. “The road had so many twists,” she said  When they got to the apartment. Her mom told them to carry as much stuff as her and her sister up to the room, because her mom wasn’t going to come down. Then they realized that the elevator could only hold three people, so it was very packed. Once they were all settled there mom went over a couple of rules and just chilled there.

In the end Spann and her sister had lots of fun, they went to Venice Italy and took a gondola ride. Spann’s mom also ended up taking her and her sister to France. They went to the Eiffel Tower it was super busy. “It was really uncomfortable, and crowded,” she said. She loved Italy and would love to do it again.