Student Spotlight:Sophia Simon


Aaliyah Simmons

Sophia Simon

Sakina Burhani, Staff reporter

Sophia Simon, 8th grader, was born to Simone and Terry Simon on April 23, 2005. She has a sister and 2 brothers. Simon is a loving African American whose mom came down from South America and her dad from the Caribbean,“it makes me like a pretty tropical baby I would say,” said Simon.

Simon is a hardworking and understanding person with a kind heart full of love. She gives fantastic advice and is a great speaker and listener.

Simons hobbies are hanging out with friends,listening to music,making music, and watching funny animal videos.Her favorite places to be is anywhere around the people she loves like her friends and family who keep her going and are her biggest supporters.

Her goal in life is to simply be happy with herself,have a good career and good friends,and have more self love towards herself. “When I’m old and lying down in my bed I want to look back on my life and be like I lived a great life,” said Simon.

Simons biggest fear in life is losing all the people around her and being stuck alone in an empty black box. “I love being around people and I love people’s presence so losing them just frightens me,” said Simon.

Simon can make everyone happy and is always there if a friend is in need. Her smile is so joyful and her personality is very enjoyable. Simon is a girl who lives a wonderful life and cherishes every moment to the fullest.