Braces At Dobie are common


©Blue Moon Studio, Inc.

©Blue Moon Studio, Inc.

Reagan Pena, Staff Reporter

A lot of people have braces at this age in middle school here are a few students at Dobie Jr. High School who have braces, and how they feel about braces, and how long have they had braces for.  “Braces can be exotic”, said Zoe Robalino 8th grader.

She had her braces since July in 2018. Zoes best part about braces is that she get to change different colors every month. Zoes worst part about having braces is flossing because it takes too long and food gets stuck everywhere in your mouth.

“Braces are a pain”, said Sydney Griggs 8th grader.

Sydney had 2 phases. Her 1st phase was in 2nd grade and had 1 year with braces. Her 2nd phase was in the summer of 7th grade she had to wait because she had to get her adult teeth first. The only thing she liked braces was to get out early from school.Sydney’s worst  part about having braces is the food gets stuck everywhere. “Beauty is pain”, said Arianna Reuss 8th grader.

She had 1 year of braces. Arianna hates it when she has to be careful of what she eats because if she doesn’t one of her brackets will break. The one thing she likes about braces is that whenever you take off your braces you will have straight teeth.