Staff Spotlight: Ms. Johnson, a truly lovable math teacher


Katlyn Thomas

Photo of Ms. Johnson standing next to student

Katlyn Thomas, Staff Reporter

Ms. Melanie Johnson is a seventh grade math teacher at Dobie and is well liked among her students. Some students may see her as a little strict but overall many seventh graders say they would much rather have her than the other math teachers.

Ms. Johnson originally decided to be a math teacher because in grade school she always loved math. Then in high school her math teacher didn’t teach so she had to teach herself and some of her classmates. Doing so she found that not only was she good at it, but she also enjoyed it.

As a math teacher it’s pretty common to find students struggling. “I enjoy most when the struggling kids finally get it. It’s a good Ah ha moment. The light bulb effect,” said Ms. Johnson. Sadly, though, it’s also common to find students who hate the subject of math so much they refuse to even give it a chance. “It’s hard to overcome helping kids who have an “I hate math outlook,” said Ms. Johnson.  

Ms. Johnson seems headstrong as she teaches using all different learning styles trying hard to keep her students engaged. “It’s more entertaining and engaging when your peers teach you,” said Ms. Johnson.  “She’s very very helpful and will walk us through the problem if we get it wrong,” said Joseph Reyna, 7th. Most students such as Henry Castillo, 7th, like the fact that she gives her students a short 15-20 minute lesson and then gives them the rest of class to work on their homework. “Her teaching style is very unique. I enjoy that she lets us come to the board and helps us if we get it wrong,” said Lee Ackers, 7th.

Something many of her students like most about her is her personality. “I think Ms. Johnson’s class is very welcoming. She never makes you feel unwelcome,” says Eileen Tamariz, 7th. Most her students enjoy having her as their teacher with her often easy-going and relatable attitude although she can be strict if necessary. “Ms. Johnson’s strict but fair. However, if you don’t behave she’ll get mad,” said Akers.

Between her joyful, funny, kind personality, and her unique, and engaging teaching style, Ms. Johnson is a joy to have and most everyone seems to agree.