PV: The STAAR test is unnecessary


Silvia Makori

Paul Hodo

Paul Hodo, Staff Reporter

The STAAR is a Texas standardized test to apparently measure your ability in math, reading, science, social studies, etc. The test takes 4 hours to take, in every subject.       

In my opinion the STAAR is a whole bunch of stupid nonsense. It’s time consuming and unnecessary, it also puts stress on the test takers . If you want to know what we learned throughout the year give us a  EOC [End Of Course exam]. It shows them how much we have grown throughout the year. And to give us all this pressure saying we won’t move onto the next grade, is a whole lot of hippy dippy bologna.

According to Texas Assessment Management System STAAR stands for State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. So most STAARS are in april/may. They take about 4 hours. In highschool you have to pass your english Staars to graduate. But it didn’t say anything about the kids stress did it, not even the teachers. ttps://www.texasassessment.com/families/all-about-the-staar-test/

Some students agree with me like Sophia Simon “I don’t like it because its so long”. Even some teachers dislike the STAAR test. Jeff Wheatcrafts a science teacher at Alamo heights make a really good point in his article Texas teachers, we must mobilize against STAAR testing. His son, who has dyslexia, will take the  reading benchmark, which “helps” determine if he will pass the STAAR in his son’s 3rd grade year. He says some teachers have some students who get so nervous they: puke, get sick, or get way to stressed. Also he added that instead of reading books they read STAAR passages, in some school districts. Link to his articles is here, https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/commentary/2019/04/01/texas-teachers-we-must-mobilize-against-staar-testing

Now yes, many people do like the time limit but its just to long. We need that time to actually learn in our classes. The teachers are here to help us learn, but they only teach us the stuff thats going to be on the test. The time that it gets is 4 hours. The kids could learn at least 20 words in that time, read a short book, or even learn a new math problem.

Stress oh stress. Yes stress is put on these kids about this test, for example kids are told they can’t go to the next grade. The teachers should help them with this like if you pass extra credit.

Like always kids need test to show progress but a 4 hour long one that’s 2 grade levels ahead of their grade level then that’s unnecessary. Stress is not cool and the pressure to pass when its just to show the progress through the year.