The STAAR test is being questioned


Aaliyah Simmons

Zharia Spann

Zharia Spann, Staff Reporter

The STAAR test stands for State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness. This test that defines if you learned anything in the school year and how smart you’ve become. Most children my age,14, stress a lot over STAAR testing. The teachers say, “ you won’t go to high school if you fail this test ,” or “ how do you except to pass the STAAR if you can’t pay attention in class ?,” those things that the teachers say stress the student out more than they already are. The STAAR test is a stressful test that makes students panic, even though it is not a big deal.


According to Kim Johnson, students in grades 3rd through high school are required to take these yearly assessment. Passing the test is usually required to advance to the next grade level, and to college. I personally think that these standardized test doesn’t tell the students full potential only what they remember over the school year.


If you are willing to study for hours a day, then you are really dedicated to pass the STAAR test. Most teachers give a review to students so they have a overall knowing of what they already learned throughout the school year and what might be on the STAAR. The benchmark can tell the teacher what you are lacking on and will help improve what you already know and add on to that. The STAAR test is timed between 3 to 4 hours in middle school, which plenty of time time to think and answer the questions that are going to be asked.


The STAAR test is an average test, but people over exaggerate how difficult it is to complete. If most people will think and talk positively about the STAAR, then most people won’t have “ The STAAR Test Anxiety. ”