Dobie Students Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a big deal at Dobie, students reminisce different memories of past Mother’s Days, share what they did for their mothers this year, and shed some light on its history. Some go out and some just have some quality time at home, but in the end all students show their mother’s how much they care and love them. Students at Dobie pay attention to every detail and want their gifts to show how much they care for their mothers.

Mother’s Day is an annual holiday in the US. It is celebrated to honor mothers and motherhood itself. Anna Marie Jarvis founded Mother’s Day in the US in the year 1908, she lived from May 1, 1864 to Nov 24, 1948. President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the first official Mother’s Day in the US on May 9, 1914, this year it lands on May 12. Countries including the USA, Australia, most European countries, New Zealand, China, Japan, India, the Philippines, and South Africa all celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May.

As Mother’s Day comes around students prepare their gifts and surprises for their mothers. Restaurants fill up quick but luckily some students get there before all the tables are gone. “I went to Rainforest cafe with my mom and my sister. later I gave my mom a Mother’s Day card,” said Arianna Fisher, 7th grade. Fisher was clearly happy about how her Mother’s Day had gone “I hope we can go again sometime,” she said.

Some students decided they were going to get their mother a gift. Some simple, some more complex, but all put together with careful thought. “I gave my mother a nice, but simple bracelet and card for my mom,” said Kendra Lopez, 7th grade. Although modest it was heartfelt, it was something she thought would spark joy in her mother’s heart. She was very meticulous when planning her gift and wanted everything to be perfect.

As Mother’s Day ends students settle in and start thinking of what to do now that it’s over. Mothers save cards, frame drawings, and put up photos of them and their child. Dads get anxious waiting for Father’s Day to finally come around. It has been over week now since Mother’s Day and students and parents get back into their normal routine. Although Mother’s Day is once a year students show their mothers just how much they love and care about them each and every day.