The Best Day Katlyn Thomas’ Life

The best day of Katlyn Thomas was a day of fun and shopping at the San Marcos Outlet with her extended family, including her grandmother, aunt, uncle, and some of her cousins. “I enjoyed the fact that I was able to go shopping with my cousins because I don’t get to see them very often,” she said.

Although it was in 2017, Thomas enjoyed it so much that she vividly remembers the details of her shopping trip. “We woke super early though the sun was up and we had packed and gone to wait in the outlet parking lot to wait for my cousins, aunt, and uncle,” she said. “There was a lot of traffic. I got there around 9am. We got home around midday.”

After she and her grandmother met up with the rest of the family, they quickly headed to Hot Topic. “We pretty much just looked around and I bought some chokers,” said Thomas.

Later that day they decided to go to Nike, they bought some shoes, clothes, and other sorts of gear.“At one point we found this cool blue shirt that my aunt Sarah made me get. Then I went back to the shoes area where my cousins were trying on some sneakers. My uncle insisted that he buy a pair for me, he’s very strict,” said Thomas.

Thomas said her cousins had been interested in a toy store, so they went there next. “At the toy store we just looked around, we didn’t do much. It was mostly my younger cousins who went in the store,” said Thomas.

They eventually got hungry and decided to dine at a close by Wendy’s fast food restaurant. “We ate lunch at Wendy’s and chatted. It was all pretty awkward. I don’t see them very often,” she said. “I think I had the nugget meal, I know for sure I had a frosty though. I remember that the table we sat at was a half booth half table. It was relatively empty.”

After they were full and fed, they were all tired from their trip, so they decided to go home and rest. “It was a fun yet tiring time, but I would do it again if I had the chance,” said Thomas.