The best day of Zoe Robalino’s life


Aaliyah Simmons

Zoe Robalino

Reagan Pena, Staff Reporter

Who doesn’t love jumping on trampolines?, what could be more fun than jumping as high as you can? Zoe Robalino experienced  the best day of her life at House of Air on April 28, 2019. “It looked huge” said Zoe, she never been to  trampoline park before.

She felt so excited to be there her friends and have fun. She was playing dodge ball against all boys she won “I felt like a queen at dodge ball,”said Zoe.

Her favorite part about House of air was the dunking contest with her guy best friend because she felt tall and confident. But her friend won.

After she was done playing finally food came to her she was so happy, she felt so exhausted.She was still ready for more fun. “I jumped so high I felt like I was going to pee” said Zoe. “The was the best day of my life.”