The best day of Jayla Doane’s life


Aaliyah Simmons

Jayla Doane

Avery Hirsch, Staff Reporter

The best day of Jayla Doane’s life was when she spent a day at The Amazing Pizza Machine. The Amazing Pizza Machine is an entertainment center in Omaha, Nebraska. “They have roller coaster rides that goes so fast, you don’t know what’s going to happen,” Doane said.

The day she and her family went to The Amazing Pizza Machine was her and her twin sister, Jaliya’s birthday! Doane is the oldest of the two, being born 10 minutes before her sister. “A lot of people don’t believe that I’m the oldest since Jaliya is taller, but I really am,” Doane said

While Doane was there, she played laser tag. Mind you, this was only her second time playing it. Besides having little to no experience, Doane had a very good time playing. “The laser tag was the best ever! I got seventh place out of twenty people!” she said.

The only bad part of Doane’s day was that she cut her finger while playing laser tag because a guy bumped into the plastic ring she was wearing. “I didn’t notice it until my sister and I were playing Air Hockey,” Doane said.

But besides cutting her finger, she had a very good birthday. She explained that they have an extensive buffet, an “awesome” arcade, bumper cars, bowling, a freefall ride, and a mini roller coaster. “It was the best place ever!” Doane said.