Staff Spotlight: Mr. Viera, science teacher

Zharia Spann, Staff Reporter

Mr. Viera is a new eighth grade science teacher at Dobie this year. He also teaches two eighth grade Pre-AP science classes. He took two years of teaching classes in college but a total of four years from Texas University. Before coming to Dobie, he worked at Martin Luther King Academy in San Antonio.

Mr.Viera came to Dobie because the school where he taught at had less students so they did not need as many teachers. He has taught for sixteen years total: four years at Martin Luther King Academy, 13 years at Charlotte Mecklenburg School, and one year at East Central High School. Mr. Viera has taught fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth grade.

Mr. Viera has taught two subjects during his 14 years as an educator: Biology and Physical Education. Mr.Viera plans to teach at Dobie, “Until the end of time, but honestly 10 through 12 years.” He became a teacher to coach and says,”This job makes me happy because it opens up students’ minds to ask  ‘why’ and wonder how things work.”

Mr. Veira would like to retire as soon as possible to do his hobbies, which are sports and going outdoors to grow his own food.