Student Spotlight: Thaiz Junclo

Jayla Doane, Staff Reporter

Thaiz (pronounced as thai-eese) Junclo, is a 7th grader who says she is moving once she is done with this year

Her Family

Her parents got divorced when she was three years old. “I didn’t know what to think of it back then, and still now it doesn’t bother me,” she said, adding that there’s no cold-blood between her parents and that they still talk quite frequently.“My step-dad is my dad’s best friend and my step-mom is my mom’s best friend,” she said.

She has six siblings, four brothers and two sisters. Out of all of them, she’s the oldest. “I always have to take care of them being the oldest,” Junclo says of her two step-brothers, two half-sisters, one half brother and one full brother.

“We always fight and argue so my connections with them aren’t the best, except for my youngest (6 year old) step-sister. She’s like my best friend.”

She thinks her parents are very inspiring and really likes what they do. Her dad and step-dad are construction workers, her mom does a lot of cosmetic related things and her step-mom is in college.

“My dad’s really inspiring because whenever he comes home he talks about what was good about his day and stuff, it really makes me happy and inspires me to have a family relationship like that,”

“I like what my mom does because she’s really involved in the beauty department. She’s a makeup artist, a nail artist, and a hair stylist. She helps me a lot with these type of things and I really like beauty things as well,” she said.

Her Background

Junclo is Hispanic — Puerto Rican– and is 100% proud of it. She’s totally involved in the culture, from speaking the Spanish language to decorating her house. “If you were to come to my house it would be totally decorated and different,” she said, adding that She even speaks Spanish in class and likes to have conversations with others in Spanish.

Her Future

Once Junclo is done with her seventh grade year here at Dobie Jr. High, she will be moving to another school outside of San Antonio. She likes it here but no so much that she would beg her parents not to leave.  “I wouldn’t say I’m really attached to Dobie but I’m really going to miss most people here,” she said. In fact she thinks moving won’t be that bad. “I really want to restart things,” Junclo said.

Junclo hopes to become a marine specialist. She really likes dolphins; they’re her favorite aquatic animal and second favorite animal ever. “There’s a really good college in California that studies animals, I want to go there to get my degree,” she said.

Likes and Dislikes

Her favorite animal is the white tiger. She likes their color and more, “Their color is really pretty and I always grew up around cats so of course one of my top favorite animals has to be a cat,” she said.

She really likes every subject in school besides math. Math is hard for me; I don’t like it and I don’t like doing homework.” Even though she likes all subjects, her favorite is language arts. “I like to read and write a lot.”

Thaiz thinks that her year here at Dobie was a good one. “It really was really fun for me and I enjoyed the people here,” she said adding that, Dobie holds a special place in her heart.