Staff Spotlight: Ms. Rosario is part of Dobie family

Julius Torres, Staff Reporter

Ms Rosario is a long term substitute at Dobie Jr. High School who has become part of the Dobie family. Her job as a substitute started when she was wither her cousin, Johanna Gonzales. Gonzales is a teacher at one of the schools here in the SCUCISD. She suggested to Rosario to become a substitute.

Ms Rosario has substituted for 2 years. She has a bachelor’s degree from Puerto Rico, and is getting her Master’s in English here in Texas. She has been a substitute for Jordan, Schlater, Corbett, Steele, Clemons, and Wilder. Her first experience at Dobie was when Mrs. Montgomery was out. Ever since then, she’s enjoyed teaching and really likes Dobie.

At the moment she is a long term substitute for the art teacher Ms Santos. However, this isn’t the first time Ms. Rosario was a long-term sub. Ms Rosario replaced Mr Olsen, the science teacher, in the last semester of 2017-2018 school year.

She enjoys her job, but when she’s not working, she doing some of her many hobbies. She enjoys singing, crafting, animals, and volunteering. She volunteer work is based on her father due to him being a senior citizen. She’s volunteered in senior homes, and has cared for many pets. She also likes to go to different parts of Texas, listen to music, and read books. She loves to read science fiction, and fantasy books.

Multiple students think she’s a good teacher. 8th grader Trissy Lopez says she’s very understanding, and helps with their problems. “She’s not as strict as a normal sub usually is,” says 8th grader Amara McCollum. “She doesn’t let us do what we want, but she’s not strict.”