Seventh graders complete frog and cow eye dissections


Amarion Miller, Staff reporter

Seventh graders recently completed cow eye and frog dissections for a science project. The purpose of the project was to study the the body and the organs and what helps the body function and to see how they work. The frog and eye dissections show how the body works because they are similar to our bodies.

Lillian Wallace a 7th grader at Dobie, took partin the lab and she said at first she was a little scared of the frog when she saw it but it was fun cutting it open and finding the organs in the frog and dissecting the cow eye. She said that it was there slippery and squishy. “I wouldn’t want to do it again because it really smelled really bad and it was fun cutting up the frogs. It was funny seeing the frog and the cow was pretty scary,” she said.

Christian Johnson,7th grader, said “Seeing the frog was kinda weird because it was laying on its backside it looked frozen but it wasn’t.” He said it was fun cutting up the frog but the pulling out the intestines was nasty and dry for some reason. Johnson said that the cow eye was very slimy and squishy and smelled disgusting.